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From time to time I have used beekeeping equipment for sale.

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Cook & Beals Honey Dryer

The official name is Cook and Beals Honey Moisture Removal System. 

This unit is about 5 years old, I purchased it from another operation that discontinued its use.


This is a complete Cook & Beals Honey Moisture Removal System including a 1 ton heat pump.
It forces hot air over flowing honey and reduces the moisture content by 1% - 2% in 1 pass through the dryer. It  will handle 100 gallons per hour.  You can dry 10-15 drums of  19% moisture honey down to 18% or less in a day (or night) and never stop extracting.

If you produce high moisture honey this will allow you to store your honey until you can get the best price available. This unit could pay for itself in the first year, depending on your yearly average. 

Brand new is $9,920

This used unit is $4,800 FOB Wiggins, MS
10′ long x 3′ wide x 2 1/2′ tall