About Us


About Us


We’re a small family farm that believes honesty and hard work are key to success. We started Coy Bee Company in 2014, but we have more than 30 yrs experience as beekeepers. We are members of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association and produce high quality Pure Russian queens and Nucs for the beginner as well as the experienced beekeeper. We provide friendly and reliable service for Hobbyist, Sideliners, and Commercial beekeepers.  We also sell local, raw and unfiltered honey produced along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast.  

Honey bees are one of the most fascinating creatures on earth. Their hard work and productiveness never cease to amaze us, and the people who understand  bees are some of the best people we know. 


Angelia's Bio

Angelia Coy is the most patient and loving person you will ever meet or talk with! (That's what Steven gets for making me write my own bio, and in third person!! :)) 

She likes to say that Steven is the Beekeeper and she is the Bookkeeper. She manages the office and helps in the bee and queen yards.

Angelia is a former bank examiner for the state of Arkansas, and certified school teacher.  She currently really is the bookkeeper, and beekeeper's helper for Coy Bee Company.   She is also the current Treasurer of the Mississippi Beekeepers Association.

Angelia received her Bachelor's Degree in Finance from Arkansas State University.

She and Steven have been married for over 31 years and have three grown (well almost) children.


Steven's Bio


Steven Coy is a second generation commercial beekeeper with more than 20 years experience. In 2014  he started the Coy Bee Company, LLC so that he could focus on producing Russian queens.  He is a charter member of the Russian Honeybee Breeders Association and has been breeding Russian bees since 2001. 

He believes in serving the U.S. Beekeeping industry where he can. He currently serves as an Executive Board member of the American Honey Producer’s Association, and the  Vice-president of the Mississippi Beekeepers Association.

He is a past President of the Russian Honey Bee Breeders Association as well as the former Secretary/Treasurer for the Pollinator Stewardship Council.   

He also served as the U.S. Bee Industry representative on EPA's Pesticide Protection Dialogue Committee (PPDC).

He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Science and a Master’s Degree in Biology from Arkansas State University. In addition to his work as a beekeeper, he also worked as a Research Technician at the USDA Biological Control Research Unit in Stoneville, MS, and as a Research Assistant at Arkansas State University. 

He frequently gives presentations at national and state meetings and is also active in the MS Farm Bureau.