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5-Frame Russian Nuc

  You will receive a minimum of 2 brood frames, 1-2 honey frames, a frame of foundation, and a new Russian queen.  Other nuc suppliers may introduce a caged queen into the nuc a few days before they sell them. Not us! Our nucs are started with a ripe queen cell from selected breeder queens. The queen in your nuc IS the queen of that colony, no need to wait for her to be accepted by the bees. Your nucs are ready to go the day you pick them up. The queen is busy laying brood and the colony is growing, just waiting to be set in your back yard or your favorite honey location.

Taking Nucs Home

Bee people do some crazy things.  However, we suggest you haul your nucs in an open bed truck. You are responsible for loading and securing your nucs. Once they are loaded into/on your vehicle they are YOUR responsibility. 

SOLD OUT for Spring 2020

The demand for our Russian Nucs has been overwhelming. 

I know it is hard to believe but we have all ready booked as many Nucs as we feel we can produce.   

Order Nucs

To place your order for nucs please Call 601-928-5868 or email 


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